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Jay-Z Explains How His Uncle Used To Make Fun Of His Demo Tape


Jay-Z took a break from the fourth day concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

He has been performing since the center opened and he is willing to show his support to his hometown.Jay-Z has been keeping his words and has been rocking the stage all alone, well aside from Bleek and Big Daddy Kane. Jay-Z can rock the stage alone with any special guests, since the collective energy that pours from the fans is enough for Jay-Z to perform nonstop. During his break on his fourth performance, he was able to talk about his demo.

Jay-Z is halfway through his eight-gig residency at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. During his fourth show in the series, Jay-Z took a break and explained how his uncle used to make fun of his first demo tape. His uncle would answer him with skepticism and his uncle told him that he would never be better than LL Cool J.

“My first demo tape I played for my uncle, and he said “N**ga, get out! You never gon be better than LL Cool J,” he said. “Now, LL Cool J is a bad m*thafucker… I’ll just leave that alone.”

Jay-Z continued with inspirational words during that night and started to tell his audience that everyone is a genius. We’re all smart, but we just have to discover our hidden talents.

Photo Credit:defglam.com

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