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Kanye West Gets Sued Over Some Samples


It was recently reported that Kanye West was sued for misusing some samples on “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Kanye West isn’t the only emcee that has gotten sued over this situation. Raekwon got accused over unclear samples and the music label TufAmerica is suing Yeezy over a sample use of Eddie Bo’s “Hook & Sling.” The samples were used on two tracks on his 2010 LP, “Lost In the Word” and”Who Will Survive in America.”

Roc-a-Fella Records and Universal Music Group did pay in fact a fine of $62,500 to clear the sample. They just failed to enter the written license agreements for their multiple uses of the 1969 track.

The company, TufAmerica, had the rights to the track since 1996 and will be suing Roc-a-Fell Records and Universal Music Group for copyright.

Now this isn’t the only lawsuit that Kanye West is facing. The Chicago emcee was also hit with a $500,000 lawsuit over the illegal use of The Persuaders’ “Trying Girls Out” which took place in March of 2012.

Vincent Peters, a musician sued Kanye West back in 2010 for a copyright dispute over “Stronger.” Peter says that he sent a track to West’s associate and apparently it was the same track beat and lyrics as Kanye’s track title, “Stronger.”

Stay tuned to HipHopRX and we will be bringing you the updates on this case and see how everything turns out in the long run.

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