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As A Child Lupe Fiasco Was Told To Never Say The “Pledge Of Allegiance”


Lupe Fiasco explains why he was taught to never say the “Pledge Of Allegiance” to the American flag.

In a recent interview with NPR, Lupe Fiasco recalled that his parents told him and his other siblings to no say the pledge of allegiance to the school US flag. His parents weren’t critical of the USA; rather it was so their children wouldn’t subscribe to pro-American jingoism without consideration.

Lupe Fiasco stated, “When I was a little kid, actually my whole family – my mother and father – instructed us not to say the pledge of allegiance in school. They wanted us to understand fully – fully – not just haphazardly and for the sake of making my teacher happy – they wanted us to understand fully what we were doing at that young age, and what that means, and what America is, and what is your place within that.”

Fiasco even started to talk about the upcoming Presidential Election this coming November. He explained that people don’t understand that President Obama will never be able to fulfill the needs of all of his voters. Instead he stressed about activism in local politics.

“Barack is at a level where he can’t – no matter how much he wants to or how much we want him to – he’s not going to come take out our garbage, so to speak,” Lupe Fiasco stated. “He can’t be the garbage man and the president. He can’t be the mayor and the alderman. He can’t fill all those roles. So I always push for local, local activity on the political scene. I always preach that you have to be active as a citizen no matter what, and some people use voting as an excuse not to do anything.”

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