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Why Did Rockie Fresh Sign With Rick Ross Instead Of Diddy?


Rockie Fresh explains why he signed with Rick Ross and he said that he wanted to be a part of a new movement.

He recently signed with Maybach Music Group imprint, which had artists such as: Wale, Meek Mill, Stalley and others as well. In a recent interview with L.A. Lakers’ Justin Credible, Rockie Fresh explained that he wanted to be a part of something new so he can help Rick Ross make history. Fresh didn’t want to sign with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records since history has been made already for him.

Fresh stated, “The thing with me, believe it or not, I’m a super humble dude. And prior to getting these offers, I didn’t even expect to get signed by other rappers.”

“I came up in the Rock scene a little bit with Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy. And so with that being the scene I was being geared towards, I thought that that’s where I was going to fall in line. And then when Ross and Diddy hit me up in the same week, and they were interested in taking meetings, it was one of those things where I was so blessed by it that I didn’t take it as a bidding war. I took it as an honor,” explained the young rapper.

Fresh explained that he didn’t want to sign with Diddy, since he had already reached the top of his game and will forever be on top in the industry. It took him some thought on which record label he should sign with, yet he agreed to go with Rick Ross. “I want to help Rick Ross’ movement to reach Diddy status and I’ll help him by making history,” exclaimed Rockie Fresh.

“And the thing with Ross is, it’s one of those things where Diddy, he’s number one dude on Forbes right now, he’s got a label going on forever. It’s one of those things where he’ll always be a force in the industry, and also, Maybach is his little brother. So it’s one of those things where I just wanted to be part of a new movement and really be a part of making history in the long run and making sure that Rick Ross gets to that same level that Diddy gets to.”

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