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Cash Money Records Rapper, B.G Releases His First Letter


A representative of B.G has released a letter written by the rapper, since his sentence to 14 years in prison.

B.G. is a former artist from Cash Money Records who was a member of The Hot Boys, but he’s now currently in prison for weapons possession.

B.G. seems to be in good spirits, despite being in prison. B.G. wrote to his fans thanking them for all of their love, “I want everyone to know that I truly appreciate all the love and prayers I have received over the past 15 months. I can’t begin to express how much I THANK y’all for the support you all have given me throughout this whole situation, I’ve been going through. It’s finally over, I know my fate, and I know what’s in front of me. I’m ready to tackle it HEAD ON!”

The Cash Money Records rapper even stated, “It’s really a small thing to a giant and like my Homie Scarface said, “DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA.”

Although he has a 14 year sentence, B.G. doesn’t appear to be mad over the length of time he’ll be spending behind bars. He even explained, “They can lock up My Body but they can’t lock up my Soul. I just been lying back writing handling this situation like a Real N*gga should. I’m staying prayed up, keeping my head up.”

Photo Credit:rapsearch.com

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