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Young Money Entertainment In Legal Troubles

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Young Money has been known to fall short of keeping their producers happy, so it comes as no surprise when reports were released claiming that that Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment has apparently failed to pay their producers.

Two more producers have stepped forward as they are suing Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment for shady business dealings.

Andrew “Drew” Correa and Marcos “Infamous” Rodriguez have filed federal lawsuits against Young Money, reports TMZ.

Correa claims he had a deal with YME in 2008 to produce music that ended up being on Tha Carter III, Re-Birth, I Am Not a Human Being, and Priceless. Correa says he was paid some royalties, but then the checks stopped coming. He was never told why the checks stopped and he was never given the time of day when he tried to contact Young money Entertainment.

If that wasn’t bad enough a second producer; Rodriguez claims that in 2007, he agreed to produce for YME and that his work was used on Tha Carter III, Re-Birth, We Are Young Money, Tha Carter IV, and Priceless, and that his royalty payments stopped coming as well. So both producers are now seeking payments through the courts.

But many are not surprised by these two recent lawsuits as Young Money, has also had bad dealings with past producers. Deezle, Bangladesh, Jim Johnson, and David Kirkwood, and Play-N-Skillz have also sued for unpaid royalties.

At this time it is unclear as to how much they will attempt to get from owed royalties but when you add all the bills up it will be a nice chunk of money.

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