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Burglar Who Was Detained By LL Cool J Gets Charged


The man who had a failed attempt at burglarizing LL Cool J may now be facing life in prison.

Jonathan A. Kirby, a 56-year-old transient who is said to be mentally ill, was arrested yesterday after breaking into the rapper’s Los Angeles family home.

TMZ reports that Jonathan has now been formally charged with first-degree burglary, the sentence for that may be a lifetime in prison if he is found guilty. Jonathan is a third strike offender and in the state of California he automatically qualifies for 38 years to the end of his natural life for this offence.

Prosecutors on the case have asked that the court set the looter’s bail at $1.1 million.

As we recently reported to you LL Cool J was the recent hero of the hour as he stopped a burglar cold in his tracks and detained him until police got there. At around 1AM on Wednesday morning LL heard an odd noise, he walked downstairs to investigate and spotted a robber, who managed to set off the home alarm system, and then immediately took him down.

In the scuffle the intruder apparently sustained a broken jaw and nose. The man is thought to be a mentally unstable transient. He is now in hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

But now he may looking at spending a whole bunch of time behind bars!

Photo Credit:foxnews.com

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