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Ice Cube Touches Base On New Album And “Friday” Film


Ice Cube has been out of the music game for a while bu that does not mean he isn’t hard at work. The OG rapper claims that the new album he is putting together will appease many fans as it is “Hip Hop for the soul.”

In a recent interview with Red Bull USA, Ice Cube said that his new LP will be “Hip Hop for the soul,” he made it a point to explain that he’s focusing on more than just rhyming and instead making an album with actual meaning.

“I’m pretty deep into it, I’m about 65 percent finished with it. It’ll be out next year, you know, and it’s hardcore Hip Hop,” he said.

“It’s street knowledge, it’s talking about what’s going on in the hood, but it’s talking about what’s going on in the political arena. It’s what I always try to give. Much more than just rhyming. Mostly, it’s Hip Hop for the soul. That’s what I’m trying to deliver.”

Ice Cube also touched base on his upcoming Friday film, saying that the script is very close to being done.

“The script is almost finished, I got a meeting with New Line on Monday or Tuesday, to talk about the next step,” he said.

“You gotta get that script tight before you can take the next step. It’s beautiful because the West Coast, we’ve always been trying to prove ourselves to the Hip Hop nation, that we was much more than bitches, hoes, gangstas, guns… We’ve been trying to show that we’re very creative on the West Coast, but we got caught in a style that worked, a formula that worked, and it kind of got oversaturated in a way. But the dudes on the West are showing how creative they are. It’s good that the hip Hop community is starting to acknowledge it and getting their shine, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Ice cube is a highly respected veteran of the rap game, but more than anything he is one of the few artists that has been able to have a successful transition into acting.

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