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Nas Sets Up Plans For A Song Dedicated To His Son

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Nas has been a very emotional person ever since his break up with Kelis, however he has managed and kept most of his feelings at bay. Now the rapper has confirmed that he is not only grateful for the success of his recent album, but he is also planning on expressing himself more with a new song that he is creating for his son.

Nas’  track “Daughters” hit number one on the Billboard charts with his new album Life Is Good. However, the Queensbridge rapper announced that he’s planning a new family-oriented track as he is dedicating a new song for his 3 year old son.

Nas said that he’s preparing to record a song for his three year old son with Kelis named Knight. He did not release many details about the track but did mention that he’s already written half of the song’s first verse.

“I’m doing a song for my son next. I already got half the first verse finished,” he said.

Nas also says that he has felt very humble with the success of Life Is Good, which sold around 150,000 copies in its first week. He said that he’s honored by the numbers and that it feels like a turning point in Hip Hop.

“I’m very humbled by this moment, much love to everybody. Thanks for the support,” he said. “It felt amazing. A good time in the rap game. It felt like the title. Everything was just flowing.”

No one can deny the fact that Nas is one of the greatest rappers in the history of hip hop and as a fellow musician I can only have the utmost respect for the artist and can truly say that albums like his are the ones that will bring the real meaning if hip hop back.

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