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Mariah Carey Scores Big With American Idol


Mariah Carey recently signed to be one of American Idol’s newest judge, and after tallying up all the numbers it now seems that she is the highest paid judge on a reality show.

With yesterday’s announcement of Mariah finally signing the deal with American Idol, many of her fans were finally glad to see her back on the limelight. However American Idol had to pay the price to get her on board.  The hip hop diva will cash in close to $18 million in her deal for the popular talent show.

This contract is worth more than what JLo received for her first year which was just $12 million. Britney Spears had made a statement about still being relevant when she signed a $15 million for The X Factor.

Both ladies can now move aside as Mariah is now sitting at the top of the list, although she is already worth a reported $500 million. I bet Nick Cannon is smiling wide knowing that his wife is still the biggest star in hip hop!

Simon Cowell said that he was “happy” for Mariah in her new role.

“I like Mariah,” he told said. “I think she’s going to find it difficult to say no. You’ve got to say no to people and she’s sweet. No, I think she’ll be great.”

Come on Simon, stop hating Mariah has been in music long enough to know when she see’s talent and long enough to know it as soon as it walks on stage!


Photo Credit:boosittn.com

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