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Chris Brown Cant Stay Away From Rihanna


Speculations about Chris Brown and Rihanna hooking back up have been rampart as of lately, but we recently found out that Chris Brown is in the same place as Rihanna, getting some rest and relaxation.


Chris Brown is said to have traveled to France yesterday, before heading to Cannes to meet fellow star Ludacris. They then were reportedly transported by helicopter, which was piloted by Ludacris.

Chris’ European trip has many speculating once again as his former girlfriend Rihanna is currently enjoying some time off in France too. Their choice of holiday destination has added fuel to continuous rumors of a reconciliation between both artists.

Rihanna took to her Twitter page shortly after Chris had touched down in the region, posting a cryptic message on her personal profile.

“Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit (sic),” the message revealed.

Now the question is, are they going to be hanging out together or is this a simple coincidence that is unfolding between our eyes. I bet we’ll be seeing some photos of both of the artists posing together within the coming days.

Photo Credit:gossipwelove.com

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