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Rihanna Invites Yacht Crew To Party


Rihanna’s party antics had the crew from a yacht on edge but the hip hop princess mellowed them out by inviting them to have the cruise line staff members to join her all night parties.

Rihanna has been taking a break and is currently on a holiday cruise boat named the Mediterranean Sea with several of her friends. Rihanna’s late night party antics have reportedly been disturbing the crew with her constant festivities. However, the hip hop star is a peaceful person and she decided to invite everyone to a karaoke night.

“It seems Rihanna and co have been trying to make it up to the yacht staff for all of the late nights and running around they’ve been doing,” a source said.

“They had a great time. She also taught them some of her dance moves.”

Rihanna and her pals have consumed a lot of alcohol. Her tab apparently included “25 bottles of gold Armand de Brignac Champagne, 60 bottles of Peroni and Corona and ten bottles of tequila”.

Rihanna has been using her Twitter page to update fans on her sunny escapades. The stunning singer took to the social networking site to share her musings about her recent travels.

“Why see the world, when you got the beach? (sic),” she teased.

Photo Credit:justjared.com

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