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Justin Bieber Incident With Photog To Bring About New Law

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Justin Bieber may be the new hero for all celebrities as his recent incident with the paparazzi may bring about changes to the way the photogs operate.

The paparazzo who was involved and lead the way in the Justin Bieber freeway chase just may have his days numbered as he may be the first person charged under a new California anti-paparazzi law.

Sources who are a part of the investigation mention that the CHP has recommended to the L.A. City Attorney that the photog be charged with the law that prohibits paparazzi from endangering people while trying to shoot photos or video. Not only that, the CHP is also trying to get a second charge filed, that of reckless driving.
Now I had previously stated that a new law had to be implanted in order for the Photog’s to respect the celebs and the public’s safety. It seems that most of the photog’s were literally getting away with murder and not facing any consequences (remember what happened to Princes Diana). In my opinion this would be the perfect time for them to finally lay the law on the paparazzi so that they may see that putting people’s lives in danger is not a matter to be taken lightly.

If the photog is charged and convicted under the new law, he could go to the pokey for 1 year.

Photo Credit:justinbieberhood.com

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