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Justin Bieber To Star In New Baywatch Show


Justin Bieber was recently taken into consideration as the number one choice for a top Baywatch role. Word is that the all famous hit 90s show is making a comeback with a movie remake in the near future.

And Jeremy Jackson, who played David Hasselhoff’s son Hobie Buchannon, told TMZ that he would be delighted if the Baby singer would play his ‘younger self.’

Jeremy told the site that he believes Justin is the best man for the job, but he would like something in return; he hopes that Bieber will let him drive his ‘Batmobile’ Cadillac on the weekends.

Justin Timberlake has also been recently tipped as an actor set for a slow motion run down the beach.

David and his former co-star Pamela Anderson, who made a red swimsuit very famous, are also rumored to make appearances in the adaptation.

The original was a hit, but can the remake really match up or will it sink?

Photo Credit:fashionrays.com

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