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Katy Perry Ready For A Long Vacation


Katy Perry has been overworked and now she says that once she has finished promotion for her new 3D documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me, she wants to “go into a cave.”

The hip hop singer is still trying to recover from her split with British actor Russell Brand.

And she tells Us Weekly that after a heartbreaking and stressful year she’s ready to disappear for a while.

“I think I’m going to go into a cave after this,” she said.

“It might be appropriate. I would like to be in a beautiful unplugged place where there’s not a lot going on so I can get back into and hopefully write some good songs.”

“Just take these damn extensions out of my hair and fill my head again! Although I will look like a complete freak.”

Katy says some of the scenes in the movie are ‘super sensitive and very emotional.’

“It’s not always very fun, but it’s important sometimes to show that real people sometimes have to go through things like this in order to achieve things, because nothing great comes so easily.”

The important thing is that she realizes she needs a break and is willing to take it before she ends up in the hospital due to exhaustion like many other stars.

Photo Credit:fanpop.com

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