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Bubba Sparxxx Owes To The IRS


Bubba Sparxxx is now officially on the black list of the IRS for owing them a whole lot of money!

TMZ.com reports that Timbaland’s former artist owes $29,266.88 in back taxes from 2006. Originally, the amount was only $15,000, but interest and fees have accrued, doubling what the rapper owed.

While Bubba Sparxxx owes $30,000 in back taxes to Georgia, the former Beat Club rapper actually owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Federal Government.

“I was having a good time and just wasn’t attentive to a lot of issues,” he told TMZ. My main issue was Mr. Tax Man, which I neglected because of doing things I had no business doing.

“This past year I have now changed all of that. I have stopped partying and hanging out … I got a tax lawyer and a business accountant to get my tax situation handled,” he continued. “I plan on paying my debt with my new album.”

It’s amazing how most of these rappers can’t seem to take care of their priorities before spending all there hard earned money.


Photo Credit:drewreports.com

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