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Rihanna’s Bodyguard KO’s A Photographer


Rihanna has had guys fight over her in the past month and this week was no exception as her bodyguard decided to clear out a pesky photographer after he refused to back up while the R & B singer was trying to make an exit.

TMZ broke the story as they provided a video clip of one of Rihanna’s bodyguard’s knocking out a photographer. The incident took place in London, when a paparazzo was pushing the envelope as he got too close to Rihanna. It was then that her paid security stepped in took matters into his own right hand!

On the video you can see a giant guy with the bald head that is trying to make some room so that Rihanna may leave the Whiskey Mist nightclub. And I guess this bodyguard has a short fuse as he really wasn’t taking any steam from anyone. The photographer insisted on being a pain in the rear as he refused to move, only to be moved by the huge security guard.

Now I’m not saying the punch was not hard, but it looks to me as if the guy took the fall when contact was made. My guess is that there is a lawsuit in the making. This is just another incident that shows that there need to be rules or laws that keep the Paparazzi from getting too close to the celebs.

Photo Credit:fanpop.com

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