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Flavor Flav Pays Child Support


Flavor Flav was about to make jail time for his unpaid child support debt, but he then decided that he’d pay instead of making jail time.

Flavor Flav will be in court again by next month, July 19, for his unpaid child support. The 53 year old rapper owes a mother to three of his seven children over approximately $110,000. The mother of three, Angie Parker, says that Flav has yet to pay his weekly payments of $837 in years, so she decided to take it to the court. The entertainer may face jail-time if convicted.

In the last 20 years, Flavor Flav has served time for assault, drug charges and driving with a supsended license. Flav has avoided jail time by paying $25,000 to the mother of his three children. He also agreed to pay an additional $1,200 per month to help reduce his debt.

Photo Source:madamenoire.com

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