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Diggy Simmons And J.Cole Have Beef


KMEL’s Summer Jam in San Francisco, California, Diggy Simmons and J.Cole put their differences aside and squashed their beef.

It’s been several months now that Diggy and J.Cole have had their odds together, since J.Cole rapped about being involved in a sexual way with Diggy’s sister, Vanessa Simmons.

The beef started off from J.Cole’s album track “Purple Rain.” J.Cole raps about Diggy’s sister in a verse: “Good girl huh, father was a preacher/ sent her off to college thought I got her on a leash though / from the outside though, them girls be the squeakiest / you get ‘em inside them girls be the freakiest.

Diggy wasn’t happy to hear what J.Cole had to say about his sister, so he responded with the track “What You Say To Me,” which he took on J.Cole and defended his family.

Witnesses saw both artists’ say they were sorry, embraced and walked back to their dressing rooms. Both of the artists’ publicists, bodyguards and crew blocked all camera from taking pictures since this was private and between both artists.

There has yet to be word if both artists will be working together, but by this point the beef of both artists has stopped.

Photo Source:rap-up.com

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