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Diddy Closed Down His Restaurant After 14 Years


Diddy has shut down his Justin’s restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia this coming week.

The restaurant’s general manager Solomon Fornie stated that the closure wasn’t permanent and that the restaurant will undergo renovations before reopening. The manager stated, “Diddy did not close his franchise, it’ll just go under renovations and it’ll open up shortly-the public loved the restaurant and we’re not planning to take it away.”

A Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment spokesperson explained that the restaurant has been shut down and will not reopen. A statement said that the company closed the 14-year-old restaurant in order to pursue “other business ventures in music, television, fashion, fragrance and spirits,” but is “actively exploring business opportunities in Atlanta.”

On another hand, in July 2011, a man sued Diddy following a November 2010 incident where he and a guest shot outside of the ATL franchise and caused the restaurant to close down. We are still uncertain what will happen with the restaurant, hopefully it’s just going through renovations.

Photo Source:rollingout.com

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