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Busta Rhymes’ role on N.O.R.E’s upcoming album


Verteran emcee, N.O.R.E. speaks about Busta Rhymes’ role in his upcoming album, which will be released soon.

N.O.R.E’s next solo album, S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G., will have a feature of  a fellow New Yorker from his era, Busta Rhymes.

In a recent interview with MTV’s “RapFix Live,” N.O.R.E. was telling MTV how Busta played a huge role in his solo album.

N.O.R.E explained, “He’s been the person, when I was away and wasn’t around, who would call me and say, ‘Yo I don’t hear no records on the streets, son! He’s my peer and he’s also a fan, but he wants to see me win. So why do anything separate?”

With N.O.R.E. clarifying that Busta Rhyme’s involvement did not mean he was signed to Busta’s Conglomerate record label, but it meant that they had a partnership. “I’ve been down too long to be anybody’s artist. So it’s a partnership, Militainment and Conglomerate as partners for the S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G. album.”

There might be a possibility of a Capone-n-Norega reunion with Capone this coming fall. “We’re straight, we’re brothers,” explained N.O.R.E. “As far as recording, I don’t know yet. He has to love his job just as much as me, and I’m not judging him, but the thing is I actually love this.”

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