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2 Chainz Gives His Opinion About “Mercy”


In a recent interview at Summer Jam, 2 Chainz and Big Sean talk about Kanye West’s “Mercy.”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz talked with writer Shaheem Reid about the reception Kanye West’s “Mercy” has been receiving recently. He explained that he didn’t know the song would be a single or the potential the song would have once released to the public. 2 Chainz also spoke about his appreciation for all the artists that were featured on “Mercy.”

2 Chainz explained, “I think all them people dope. I’m fans of them. Sean is ill. I’ve been a fan of Pusha and them since he was doing The Clipse thing. Just how they kept it street. And then you know ‘Ye is like a Back To The Future type dude as far as knowing what’s gonna happen ahead of time. And when I did this record I had no idea it was gonna be a single. I had no idea the potential of this record and that just kinda shows you the vision that ‘Ye got. I’m definitely happy to be a part of the extended family of G.O.O.D. Music.”

Later on in his interview 2 Chainz was joined by fellow “Mercy” collaborator Big Sean, the Detroit rapper went on to express his respect to his fellow recording artist 2 Chainz and commended him that “anything is possible, if you try.”

Big Sean also explained, “He showed me that you can turn up at any time. People knew who Tity Boi was. People knew who he was and he still got the energy, the recognition a new artist would get cause he turned up to the max. He was one of the people that showed me anything is possible.”

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