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Jay-Z Talks About His Success


Jay-Z talks about his success as an artist and that it’s a sign of hip-hop’s triumph in America.

A month ago Jay-Z first announced that he partnered up with Budweiser to create the Made In America” Festival. Tickets are still available and fans are still hoping to hear more from the Brooklyn rapper.

On MTV, Jay-Z explained that his succession doesn’t come as an individual rather than a community from hip-hop. He feels that he doesn’t operate alone from the hip-hop culture, in the sense that his personal triumphs are a benefit for the community.

“I’m not jaded by the whole process,” he said. “I’m a fan of the journey as well. I see myself as part of the collective of hip-hop. I don’t see myself as a thing that operates outside of it. So when I do these sort of things like Budweiser’s ‘Made In America’ Festival, I’m like, ‘Man, we’ve come a long way.’”

With all of his success in life and in the hip-hop culture you can tell that he doesn’t take full credit for himself, rather he gives credit to the community such as fans and hip-hop. On the other hand Kanye is quite the opposite, it would be great for Jay to teach him some of his views or perhaps they’ll rub off on Kanye over time.

Photo Credit:africanlimelight.com

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