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FOX Host Bill O’Reilly Voiced His Opinion On Justin Combs Scholarship


Son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, Justin Combs earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA.

FOX news host Bill O’Reilly says the teen shouldn’t accept the scholarship!

Justin had earned a football scholarship to UCLA and a number of people were eager to step forward with their opinion, but being afraid they kept silent.

Except for Bill O’Reilly, he voiced his opinion on the topic and while he did congratulate Combs for earning the scholarship he believes he should return it and give it to someone else. Due to his father’s wealth, O’Reilly believes the scholarship should be given to a student who needs help financially to enter UCLA.

Bill O’Reilly stated, “Diddy should’ve said, you know what, we’re not gonna take it. We’re gonna give it to another kid, because there only are a certain amount of scholarships, even though they’re corporate paid, they are limited, so they should’ve stepped back, paid their own way and let another kid have the scholarship”.

Despite all the other critiques from others UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vasquez defended awarding the scholarship to Combs and he’ll still be receiving a full athletic scholarship to UCLA.

Photo Credit:hollywoodreporter.com

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