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Nicki Minaj Disappointed With Hot 97


Nicki Minaj has recently had a new target to wage a beef against and that happens to be a Dj from Hot 97 radio station.

A NYC radio station dissed Nicki’s song “Starships” and now the hip hop star has vowed to never perform for them again.

Not only that but Nicki also bailed on Hot 97′s Summer Jam concert this weekend in NJ. She was set t perform but quickly changed her mind after a DJ blasted her hit song as “F***ing bulls**t.”

Due to Dj’s words, Lil Wayne founder of Young Moneydecided to pull her from the concert and in turn left many dissapointed.

TMZ, mentioned that a source close to Nicki told them that Nicki stands by Weezy’s decision to pull her performance and when she heard the radio station wanted her to come back next year … she said that would NEVER happen.

Nicki vented her disapproval and says that the DJ’s comments were completely disrespectful. On top of that she just does not want to deal with negative people when there are countless others who actually like to hear her music.

report from TMZ say that The DJ — Hot 97′s Peter Rosenberg — called in claiming he has no beef with Nicki … but still thinks “Starships” is “wack and corny.”

Nice one Peter, I would say that your list of angry artist is growing by the day as Nicki is not the only one that he has dissed, more so what makes this DJ so talented that he can say how good or bad a song is? I mean Nicki’s song was recently on a Pepsi commercial.

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