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Ashton Kutcher Makes A Comeback On Punk’d And His Target Is None Other Than Drake


Right before the MTV Movie Awards, Ashton Kutcher made a comeback on this week’s Punk’d.

Ashton stated that he was the master of ceremonies and that no other host can beat his pranks on Punk’d. Ashton set his plan into action by getting Secret Service men to escort the Young Money rapper to a “record” meeting. Once they parked into the parking garage, the car got caught in an earthquake and aftershocks, which left Drake shocked and scared.

Interestingly enough this pranks was the first of it kind for the show, which leads me to believe that Ashton may just be making a very promising comeback on Punk’d.

Some MTV viewers stated “It was like watching Drake in a horror film.” “He was shocked and I could imagine, it’s not great having that experience fake or not.”

Drake was shocked, but that wasn’t the end of the prank. A pregnant woman and her husband approached the car which shook the Young Money rapper a little. He noticed that the husband had grabbed a taser and accidentally zapped his wife in the stomach, Drake was frighten and speechless.

Words really cant explain the face the hip hop artist made, but I do recommend that you catch the show and take a look for yourself.

Shortly after this event, Ashton Kutcher appeared to reveal his prank.


Photo Credit: MTV.com

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