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Shyne Is Looking To Come Back To The United States With The Help Of A Petition


Well It looks like Shyne is finally trying to make his move and try to gain access to the United States once more after being deported for a criminal act.

Shyne is looking for about 25,000 signatures in hopes to consider granting him a visa.

Shyne was deported from the United States back in October of 2009. It was at that time that the former Bad Boy Records artist was done serving his time and was released from Woodbourne Correctional Facility after eight-plus years served for two counts of assault, gun possession and other charges.

The conviction was traced back to a 1999 New York City nightclub shooting where Shyne was with Bad Boy CEO Diddy and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. To this day the exact happenings are still sketchy, but ultimately Shyne was the one who was arrested and prosecuted.

Since late 2009, Shyne has been living in his native Belize. But Shyne’s luck has not all been bad as he was signed to a new contract with Def Jam Records, for a reported seven-figure’s. That’s still a nice check for a rapper who is not living in the United States.

But for some reason Shyne has now created a petition on the White House’s page, seeking a grant for a United States visa.

He need 25,000 signatures just to have a small chance of re-entering the U.S.

Shyne has since converted to Judaism while in prison, is asking for the visa on the basis of good behavior and community service since his conviction. I really don’t see him getting the visa but I can say that it is hard for an artist to keep making money without major promotion or selling concerts, which may be hard when you don’t live in the U.S.

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