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50 Cent Almost Die’s From A Hamburger


We recently reported that 50 Cent had been hospitalized due to unknown circumstances, well evidently he was beat down into submission by a hamburger.

50 Cent was hospitalized earlier this week after consuming a bad burger! Yup that’s right the mighty 50 Cent was lamost taken out by one lean mean burger. The rapper had complained of stomach pains and after checking into a hospital he was told he may have to face possible surgery.

But Fif recovered without the knife and is back in action, speaking with MTV News about how Eminem phoned him to advise that he doesn’t bite the dust because of eating a bad sandwich.

“I’m in a dead serious moment like, ‘Damn, I don’t believe this is happenin’ right now,’” he said. “[Eminem] goes, ‘Yo Fif, you were shot nine times man if you die over a burger, this sh– ain’t gonna go right. People ain’t gonna be feelin’ this.’”

It is unbelievable that 50 almost met his maker and it was due to a burger, he is well known to have survived 9 bullets to his face and body, so we can still see that 50 is one tough guy!

Photo credit:ibtimes.com

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