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50 Cent Talks About Justin Bieber’s Attendance At Recent Mayweather Fight



Justin Bieber recently joined 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather as part of the money entourage. While in attendance the singer seemed to have an unsuspecting fan.

50 Cent also mentioned that Floyd’s daughter seemed aw struck by Bieber’s presence!

“Floyd’s daughter, Yaya, she saw half the fight, the other half she was looking at Bieber,” 50 Cent said.

“He just got that thing for the younger generation, too – he’s it.”

50 also touched up on the fact that having Justin at the event wasn’t a publicity stunt. The 18-year-old is a keen boxing fan who follows the sport.

“Justin is also a Floyd fan. They love the sport. A lot of people like it and haven’t actually made contact or received anything to make them feel like it was cool or comfortable enough for them to come,” 50 told MTV News.

“When it actually happens and it goes down like that, it feels good. When they get a chance to see different genres, different people, everybody’s excited.”

Lil Wayne also came into the ring after the boxer defeated Cotto. They posed for pictures however, 50 didn’t always look that happy.

‘The pictures, when I’m not paying attention, they take some really weird facial expressions of me,” he laughed.

“I’m like, ‘What the f**k was I thinking at that point?”


Photo Credit:mxdwn.com


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