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Lil Wayne Pays Off ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ Producer


It seems that Lil Wayne has once again decided to skip court and settle in one of his pending lawsuits.

TMZ recently broke the news that Lil Wayne settled in a lawsuite with yet another producer, however this time around Lil Weezy forked over a small fortune of $1.5 million dollars; the lawsuit was over the song “Love Me or Hate Me.”

David Kirkwood, the producer who is now $1.5 million dollars wealthier, launched a lawsuit against Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment in 2011, his claim was that they owed him royalties on “Love me or Hate Me” from “The Carter III” album.

Now by this point you may start saying to yourself, ‘hey wait a minute this sounds familiar!’ Well that’s because Lil Wayne, just finished settling another lawsuit worth  $20-million, that was filed by another bitter producer in April, over unpaid “Lollipop” royalties.

In regards to the first mentioned lawsuit, Lil Wayne had first asked the judge to dismiss the case. But them for some unknown but obvious reason Lil Wayne along with CM and YME, decided to settle out of court with Kirkwood for an undisclosed amount.

It seems kind of weird as to why Lil Wayne would owe so much money to so many producers, I mean if the producers are earning their share then lets break bread and keep the ball rolling. I’m not saying that CM and YM will ever run out of producers to work with, but they may start hurting their reputation.


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