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Lupe Fiasco Makes Promises For Double Album



Lupe Fiasco, a Chicago rapper and native, says his next album will be a double and a sequel to his debut.

He recently spoke to FUSE and mentioned that it will be a follow-up to his debut Food & Liquor. He said, ‘With this record, I wanted to go back to the essence of what made that record so special, the frame of mind I was in when I did Food & Liquor the first time.’

It’ll be the first album since the fractious and protracted release of his Lasers album of last year, which he has often publicly disowned.

Lupe continued, ‘It’s the Lupe Fiasco I want to be, without the industry constraints, without the trying to please the hardcore fans or get the new fans. It’s just what I would do for myself if nobody ever heard it. This is the kind of music I would make. It’s a masterpiece. It’s really f*cking good.’

He revealed a track title ‘Form Follows Function’, which he says is a ‘monster’. The first single from the epic Food & Liquor 2 will be released on May 22.


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