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Rihanna Get’s Into Argument With Vogue Editor


Rihanna seems to be taking her appearances less and less serious as of lately as she was reportedly late for her red carpet spot on Vogues’ event.

The Hip hop singer kept Vogue editor Anna Wintour waiting for over 40 minutes on Monday night leaving a bad impression on the fashion guru.

Beyoncé Knowles, Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow all arrived on time to the event. Anna was under the impression that everyone was there, so she ordered the red carpet be closed.

Rihanna planned to walk the carpet with everyone else, but sadly, her nails and manicurist took far longer than expected,” an insider said.

“Her chauffeur was told to drive around the block several times, as she made last minute changes, but her ‘people didn’t warn organizers she’d be late”.

“She missed her slot on the red carpet and left Anna in a frenzy. The pair had a heated conversation during the champagne reception”.

It is now reported that Rihanna will not be invited to any of her future events any time soon. This just goes to show you that not everyone can make a late entrance and get away with it.

But more importantly this makes me wonder if Rihanna’s success has been getting to her head lately as her attitude has changed dramatically over the past year. Plus she was also late for the SNL’s pre- show meeting this past weekend.

Photo Credit:fashion.telegraph.co.uk

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