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Kanye And Kim Business Partners?



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian did not take long to start thinking about money as they have explored different avenues and ‘consumer products’ they can launch together.

Both Kim and Kanye are enjoying their recent found romance, which began several weeks ago.

As of lately things have been getting more serious between the pair and they have been seen having dinner with Kim’s family and shopping together.

It’s now been reported the couple are already planning ways to work together in the future.

‘[They] have already put their heads together – chatting about potential joint consumer product marketing ideas they could pursue,’ reports Chicago Sun-Times.

We all know the ordeal Kim went through in her previous divorce; some even say it is too soon for her to be taking anyone serious. But she claims her feelings for Kanye are real.

‘You can just sense it whenever you’re around them. There’s a nice vibe between the two of them,’ a source explained.

And it did not take long for them to acquire a new celebrity nickname as they have now been dubbed as Kimye.

Evidently Kim finds this hilarious.

‘Kim is increasingly using ‘Kimye’ to describe them,’ the insider giggled. ‘I’m beginning to think she’s hoping it becomes something like ‘Brangelina’.’

Brangelina is the term used to describe Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


Photo Credit:xclusiveszone.net

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