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Rick Ross Gets Boarded At Sea


It seems that cops now-a-days are cracking down on Rick Ross whether it be on land or water.

Reports from TMZ say that cops in Florida came within seconds on making a bust on Rick Ross’s yacht, however his partner in crime was able to launch the evidence overboard just in the nick of time.

A rep for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that officers flagged down Rick’s boat on Thursday after noticing a strong odor that resembled to that of weed.

It was then that the cops went aboard the water vessel and conducted a search, however after their effort was fruitless as they came up empty handed.

However, in of Rick’s acquaintances ADMITTED to smoking weed while onboard the yacht, but he said that he panicked and threw the weed overboard when he noticed the officers.

Now even with a confession the guys was still not arrested, a rep for the FWCC says because the officers didn’t find any marijuana on board, no arrests were made.


Photo Credit:angrylarry.com

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