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Rihanna Spends Extra Time With A$AP


Rihanna was one of the many stars that attended the Coachella event in California. And it seems that while she was there she ‘took a real shine’ to New York rapper A$AP.

Rihanna was seen partying with good friend Katy Perry at the Coachella music festival, and at one point she seemed like a high school girl falling for a famous artist as she gazed at A$AP during his performance.

Rihanna was really taken by A$AP’s performance and decided to spend time with him after he left the stage.

‘Rihanna took a real shine to A$AP. She couldn’t take her eyes off him,’ a source told British newspaper The Sun.

‘She hung around after his set to chat to him and seemed to be a big fan.’

‘They were getting stuck into champagne with mates before moving on to rum – they even asked a lackey to get ginger beer as a mixer for it,’ the source detailed.

And it seems that A$AP’s grill was also able to catch and keep Rihanna attention.

‘Rihanna asked A$AP about his gold teeth, joking that she’d love to get the same thing done,’ the source said.

There really is no telling with Rihanna now a days, I guess we could say she is just a women who has a lot of friends and loves to have fun!

Photo Credit:blog.music.aol.com

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