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Justin Bieber Wouldn’t Fork Over Money For Space Trip


It was recently revealed that Ashton has signed up to travel into outer space with Sir Richard Branson on the Virgin Galactic space plane. And it just so happens, that Justin Beiber has always dreamed of being in a rocket.

Butut the singer says that the reported $200,000 price tag to join Ashton on the spaceflight is too much for him.

‘If I could choose anything else? I would probably be an astronaut because I want to go to space. So that would be cool,’ he replied to UK TV show Daybreak when asked what other career he would like to pursue.

‘Maybe. I think Ashton Kutcher is doing that. But I don’t know if I want to spend that much money…’

Space may not be his next destination but he may find a new home in acting.

Justin recently said he wants to land more acting roles and has now revealed he would be interested in joining the judging panel of a TV talent show.

‘Maybe, in a couple of years,’ he replied when asked if he would consider joining The X Factor. ‘Like five years or something. That would be cool.’

Justin also spoke about being a role model to other kids.

‘I do see myself as a role model, but sometimes it can be stressful,’ he explained. ‘I am 18 now and I am going to make mistakes. I am in the public eye and sometimes things happen, so people just need to know that I am human and I make mistakes so you can’t judge me on those things.’

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