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Kanye To Face A $500,000 Lawsuit


Well it seems that Kanye West is now the subject of a lawsuit over an illegal sample that he used on a 2006 mixtape.

Robert Poindexter filed a lawsuit against Kanye West in the United States District Court of Southern New York, on March 27.

Kanye is being sued over the song “Girls Girls Girls (Remix)” on the mixtape “Freshmen Adjustment 2.”

The lawsuit claims that Kanye knew the sample was not cleared, because he used a cleared version of the sample on “Girls Girls Girls” on Jay-Z’s 2001 album The Blueprint.

“I have offered to resolve this matter out of court with Kanye West,” Robert Poindexter said.

“But in response, he has refused to even discuss any ‘out-of-court’ resolutions whatsoever. Nor has he provided any evidence that he is demanding others to cease and desist from selling the illegal version.”

Robert Poindexter is merely seeking $500,000 in damages from Kanye West. This should prove to be pocket change for the hip hop icon.

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