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Rihanna Pays A Late Night Visit To Ashton Kutcher’s Home


The question of why Rihanna paid a late night visit to Ashton Kutcher’s home on Wednesday is lingering on everyone’s mind.

A photographer spotted the singer driving up to Ashton’s property in Los Angeles around midnight.

‘According to the photographer, Rihanna got to Ashton”s home right around midnight and left at about ‘ roughly 4 AM,’ reports TMZ. ‘

Ashton recently put his $10 million bachelor pad on the market. The actor has already attracted one famous face who has shown an interest in buying it.

Justin Bieber is believed to have looked around the property.

However, it has been claimed that 24-year-old Rihanna’s late-night visit is unlikely to have been a look around to find a new home.

Both Rihanna and Ashton have been through a rocky relationship in their pasts.

Rihanna split from Chris Brown three years ago after Chris physically attacked Rihanna and was subsequently charged with felony battery. In recent months they have been in contact via their Twitter accounts, are believed to have spent Valentine’s Day together and simultaneously released remixes of tracks featuring each other last month.

Ashton also split from Demi Moore.

His marriage fell apart last year following claims he had been unfaithful to the actress on their sixth wedding anniversary. In November, Demi announced she had separated from the 34-year-old.


Photo Credit:accesshollywood.com

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