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Dr. Dre Is Said To Be Producing A Horror Movie ?!?


The latest news is that the infamous Dr. Dre has signed on as producer of an upcoming horror flick titled “Thaw.”

According to Variety, Dr. Dre and partner Daniel Schnider will produce the horror film for their company, Crucial Films.

The movie is focused around an ancient evil spirit that’s unleashed as ice thaws in the Yukon.

The script for “Thaw” is being written by Vik Weet, while New Line Cinema will handle the distribution of the film.

My question is if Dre has so much time to co produce a horror film then that leads me to believe that there really is no rush to finish his “album” Detox. Then again maybe he just lost all motivation for the completion of the album.

I guess this will come to be a myth that will be spoken from generation to generation. The greatest Dr. Dre album that never was.



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