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Jay-Z & Kanye West Close Up Shop On Copyright Lawsuit


Jay-Z and Kanye West can now breathe a little easier after having settled a federal lawsuit over their song “The Joy.”

According to TMZ Jay-Z and Kanye were sued last October by Syl Johnson for using an unauthorized sample of his song “Different Strokes.” Johnson had claimed Kanye tried to get the song cleared for his solo album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” but couldn’t get the deal done in time.

So when the sample then appeared on “WTT,” and Johnson caught wind of it, he quickly filed the lawsuit.

But in legal docs filed in Illinois federal court this week, the lawsuit was dismissed because the two sides reached a settlement … though no further details were made available.

Johnson is a veteran when it comes to copyright infringement cases; he’s previously sued Michael Jackson, Jefferson Airplane and Cypress Hill.

Photo Credit:nme.com

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