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Too Short Reminisces Recording With Dre


Too Short revealed in a recent interview with VIBE.com, that last summer he helped Dre come one step closer to release his long-awaited album, Detox.

[Dr. Dre] had this song it was called ‘Man’s Best Friend’ – aka ‘Pussy’ –  and from what I understood he kept getting people to rap on it,” explained Too Short.

“And Dre is a perfectionist. He didn’t like what they were doing on it and he didn’t plan on using it.”

“Then somebody suggested my name, so he called me in. I’m not even gonna lie to you, the rap that I did for Dr. Dre, I didn’t write the rap. Kurupt’s little brother wrote it – Roscoe – and he pimped me one hell of a sixteen-bar verse. Dre had me in there, the first session was nine hours.”

Too Short revealed that the respect he felt for Dre was mutual. “You know how cool Dre is? This is how cool Dr. Dre is—he asked his people, ‘how much does Short want for the verse?’ And when I said what I wanted his response was, ‘Pay him double.’ That was the homie. I had never had anyone get at me like that.”

Watch the interview below:

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