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Rihanna Management Is Worried About Her Friendship With Chris Brown


Rihanna’s management team are telling the star to sever all ties with her ex-love Chris Brown.

The former couple ended their relationship around three years ago after an argument turned violent. Chris was charged with assault and was served with a restraining order.

Now it seems as though Rihanna and Chris have struck up a friendship again following the messy break-up, with the pair taking to their Twitter pages to converse.

Rihanna’s management are nervous about what the outcome may be if they get back together.

‘Her management don’t want Rihanna’s career to suffer. She seems to be out almost every night and people fear it’s no coincidence that she and Chris have turned up at the same venue more than once,’ a source told Closer magazine.

‘Rihanna seems to still feel a connection with Chris ‘ even though he has a girlfriend.’

Rihanna’s team are reportedly becoming increasingly worried about the star. Insiders say they are pleading with the beauty to take time out of the spotlight.

‘She seems to have forgotten what a toxic relationship she and Chris had, and calls him the love of her life. People are becoming increasingly worried,’ the source added.

This is one of those situations where Rihanna is going to do what she wants to do and the more they tell her to stay away from Chris Brown the less she is going to listen.

Photo Credit:idolator.com

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