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Rihanna Can’t Get Over Chris Brown


It’s been almost three years since Rihanna and Chris Brown went through their argument which turned violent, but some of Rihanna’s friends say that she is still wants him in her life.

Recent reports have suggested that the former couple have been ‘hooking up’. Chris and Rihanna were even spotted partying at the same nightclub as each other.

Friends of Rihanna say the songstress has found it hard to move on following the messy split, but knows that being apart from the musician is probably best for her career.

‘She knows how disappointed her fans would be if she took him back,’ a source told Closer magazine.

‘But Chris is the only man she ever seems to have really loved.’

Rihanna is now in contact with Chris after a period of not speaking. Rihanna’s friends and family are worried that she’ll fall for him all over again.

‘They are still in contact and, while they don’t speak often, she’s met him a few times. Friends are concerned she may believe Chris is a changed man,’ the insider added.

Well they say that time heals all wounds, however people forget that scars serve as a daily reminder of what was.

Photo Credit:gossiptoday.org

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