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Lil Wayne Dusts Off Skateboarding Injuries



Lil Wayne is not only a well-known rapper he is now establishing himself as a ride or die skateboarder.

After falling from his board, Lil Wayne received nine stitches in August 2011.

MTV reports that the star was more concerned about being able to participate in the sport than he was about returning to health.

‘I always get injured but I never get an injury where I can’t get back on the board,’ Lil Wayne said in the third installment of his viral internet series Weezy’s Sports Corner.

‘Remember we had the nine stitches? That didn’t mean we couldn’t skate the next day, so we skated the next day.’

Following the fall last summer, Lil Wayne injured his arm while skating at his Miami home and was forced to wear a sling. He hated not being able to board for a week.

‘I ain’t worried about the pain, it hurts like hell but the worst thing is that I couldn’t really skate,’ he said. ‘I kinda didn’t separate it – hopefully I didn’t separate my shoulder, but if it was separated I wouldn’t be able to move it. I probably strained a muscle. I don’t know the name of the muscle, my therapist told me the name of it – I’m not sure. We were thinking I probably sprained the muscle, which is like a slight tear, which will probably take a few days to heal. A few days and I’ll be back.’

Lil Wayne has been able to regain his strength and is now back on his skateboard.

Justin Bieber and Weezy were riding together at a skate park on Wednesday.

‘good time in the studio last night. back at it tonight. oh yeah…and big bro came thru… (sic)’

Justin posted on Twitter attaching a photo of himself and the rapper.

Photo Credit:disneydreaming.com

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