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Nick Cannon Named Bleu Magazine’s Man of the Year



Nick Cannon has been quite busy lately, with his political opinions, his recent release from the hospital and two new babies at home.

Despite all that, he still took some time to keep the entertainment going in the DJ booth a couple nights ago at Bar Basque in New York City, while his guests enjoyed Tequila Avión cocktails.

He also took home the top honor of being named “Man of the Year” for Bleu Magazine!

The Bleu Magazine event took place on Monday, January 30th at Bar Basque in New York City.

Bleu Magazine was celebrating the debut of their “Man of the Year” issue with their Man of the Year, Nick Cannon. Nick spent the night spinning the turntables on the DJ booth while guests enjoyed cocktails from the Tequila Avión bar and flipped through Bleu Magazine’s “Man of the Year” issue.

All three varieties—Tequila Avión Silver, Añejo, and Reposado, were served. Good music, great drinks! The perfect combination for a celebration!

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