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I Ain’t The Daddy I’m The Boss! Rick Ross!



Rick Ross is the most recent artist to get involved in a paternity dispute. A Georgia woman claims he fathered her son.

36-year-old Tyrisha Childers filed the paternity suit against Rick Ross in Broward County, Florida,TMZ.com reports.

The woman claims that Ross fathered her three-year-old child and is not paying up. Childers says she has a zero income, aside from a $694 per month disability payment.

But Rick Ross isn’t one to stay behind; he’s already filed a response to Childers’ paternity claims and dismissed all claims that he’s the father of her child.

The rapper is wants a DNA test to prove that he is not the father.

Legal documents filed on behalf of the rapper claim that he never even slept with the woman.

Blood is thicker than water and it sure does not lie when it comes time for paternity tests!

Photo credit:radfiends.com

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