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Asher Roth Says He Has No Beef With Mac Miller


Even after Mac Miller announced that he looked at Asher Roth’s mistakes on what not to do in the industry, Asher Roth says that he has absolutely no beef with the rapper.

In a recent interview Asher Roth dismissed any rumors that he had ill will towards the mac Miller and that he’s happy to see him succeed.

“There’s no beef, dude. There’s no beef at all. Mac, he’s from Pittsburgh, too. Young kid, energetic, happy as hell to be here. I don’t know him like that at all, I wish I could,” he said.

“He’s a good kid. I’m the last person that’s going to take food off someone’s plate. I’m the last person that’s going to hate on someone else. There’s no real time for that. We’ve got a lot of hard work to do. I’m happy that if that’s the case, that I made the road easier for him, then word up. It’s a shitty road to go down when everyone’s comparing you to somebody, you can’t do your thing.”

He did clarify that he should be credited for paving that road for fresher artists on the scene, but that he won’t take it too personally if credit isn’t given.

“Perception is everything, it’s all subjective. A lot of these kids have fans, and that’s cool. I think that at the end of the day, if people can recognize the fact like Asher was the first one to do a lot of that stuff, that’s cool. If not, whatever,” he said.

“I can’t get caught up in that stuff. That’s some of the stuff that’s more of a distraction and it causes and brings up feelings in a lot of other people, like jealousy and envy. That stuff, we really don’t have time for, we really gotta keep it moving. At the end of the day, people are putting out good music and it’s good music and it’s legit and it’s contributing. That’s all that really matters.”

Actually, Asher Roth was not the first to pave the way for new “fresher” artists. There were plenty before him and there will be plenty after him. It’s all about time’s changing and how you adjust to them. If you can’t keep up, you get left behind!

Think versatility and adaptation; it’s human natures survival for everything!

Photo Credit:killerhiphop.com

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