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Review: HEX Free Wired Icon Watch Band


HipHopRx always keep you up to date on any products that are available and unique to the hip hop crowd. And today we bring to you a watch band that is specifically made for the 6th generation iPod nano.

HEX recently got together with electro hip hop group Far East Movement, and came up with a new line dubbed the “Free Wired” pack.

The Free Wired line is actually named after Far East Movement’s breakout album, Free Wired.

As part of the Free Wire line, HEX introduced the Free Wired Icon Watch Band.

The watch band allows users to carry their music libraries through Apple’s iPod nano in a custom polycarbonate band with exclusive grey and red color sequence, representative of Far East Movement’s style and a metal clasp with an etched Free Wired logo.

That’s the simple breakdown of the watch band. Now on to the field testing part of the review!

The watch band is actually rather light which is great, because the iPod nano weighs 0.74 ounce. So the weight will play a major factor once both are combined.

Installation of the iPod nano to the watch band is rather simple, all you have to do is align the buttons of your nano to the buttons of the watch band and snap it together. Its polycarbonate construction is not only sturdy; it also keeps your iPod nano from obtaining any damage. Plus you don’t have to worry about denting or scratching the watch band if you happen to hit or graze any solid objects with it.

I made sure to put the watch band to the test by bumping it into the corner of the desk a couple of times, and guess what! There was not a single scratch on it. It gave me peace of mind knowing my iPod nano is actually safe on my wrist.

The watch band comes fully assembled and includes 4 extra links in case you need to lengthen the watch band.I found that the way it came out of the box was a perfect size for me. The weight of the band and the nano combined is not too bad once you wear it for about an hour.

The watch band also comes with integrated control buttons, which work perfect when the nano is in place. The buttons work flawlessly when the nano is installed. However, when you take the nano out you have to be a bit careful with the buttons because they feel a bit flimsy (I did push the buttons hard a couple times and they did withstand the added pressure).

Overall, the watch band is simple yet stylish and fits its purpose well. The only drawback is that the Free Wired Watch Band only comes in grey so you don’t have much of an option when it comes to choosing a different color.

You can expect to pay $39.95 for the watch band which is not bad at all considering its design, and ruggedness. Plus you get the added comfort of knowing  that your iPod nano is safely secure around your wrist, all while you stay fly like a G6!

The HEX|Free Wired capsule collection is available now at Hex’s online store, ShopHex.com.

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