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Kanye West Claims To Be Risking His Life On Stage


Kanye recently had one of his fans thrown out of a concert in Tacoma, Washington because he threw his business cards on the stage.

West stopped the show and said ‘I see them come from that direction so like, all four of them gotta go. Unless one person raise their hand and say ‘I’m the one that did it’, all that whole section gotta go. These cubes go 20ft in the air. You can’t go risking our lives by throwing shit we’re gonna slip on.’

He closed by asking, “We got the person? It’s him?”

I think Kanye might have taken the whole “I’m risking my life on stage” comment too far. Sure the guy didn’t have to throw his business cards on stage, but would it have been any different if it was women throwing their bra’s on stage?

Fans are fans and they pay good money to watch artist perform, which is the main reason artists make money! Think about it like this no fans, no popularity, no money, no chasing your musical career!

Besides I think if anyone is risking their lives while performing their jobs it is the U.S. armed forces and I have yet to hear them complain.

Photo Credit:djsabby.com

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