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Common Admits That He Dissed Drake


Ring the bell, Common is officially swinging at Drake! The Chicago, Illinois lyricist came clean and finally admits the song “Sweet” was about Drizzy.

Yesterday during an interview with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning, Common said that if Drake was offended by his song “Sweet,” then he should take it as a personal diss.

“Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now,” he said.

“I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it.”

Common continued by explained that this situation began from comments that Drake made about being the best lyricist.

“He’s a very successful artist, obviously. Like I said, I think he’s a talented artist. I give credit where it’s due and I try to speak the truth where I see it. In Hip Hop, there was a lot of that going on,” he said. “Beyond Drake, it’s still some artists I was hearing, some artists I didn’t even know I was hearing. But Drake fits in that category. Any artist could be a target, once you get in and start saying you this and that. When you think about it, KRS-One if you take it there, or when Nas and Jay had a battle, it was about being a doper emcee.

“It’s just about emceeing, and once you step in there, you in the ring,” he continued. “Especially if you’re going to say I’m a champ, I’m the greatest. For me, I’m on ‘Sweet’ saying I’m the greatest, da da da. But there are going to be some cats who come at me, that’s what it is.”

Ding, Ding! So what’s Drake’s next move?

He wanted Common to admit that the song was aimed at him and now that Common did just that, what are Drakes intentions? Don’t’ get me he’s a good artist, but Common is a great lyricist!

Plus he doesn’t require the help of a BlackBerry to spit a hot freestyle. Just something that should be taken into account.

Photo Credit:buttaflyytulsa.com

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